Creating a bot powered by IBM Watson to find the perfect gift.

Built with Watson

Harnessing the power of IBM Watson, we created Gwyn, a personal gift concierge.

1-800-Flowers wanted a way for customers to easily find the perfect gift across their 8 brands, spanning from fruit baskets to steaks and everything in between. Utilizing the cognitive technology of Watson, we were able to create a single interface for customers to interact with, logging key criteria & data and providing personalized recommendations based on dialogue.




Digital Shopping Assistant


Felix Roos

Jacket PDP in iPad
Category Selection
Product recommendations
Response Review & edit
Product Recommendation Review & Revisit
Product details

Gwyn stood at the forefront of conversational commerce and needed to work on all devices.

Jacket PDP in iPad

Gwyn needed personality.

In addition to speaking, we needed to create a way for Gwyn to convey what she was doing via non-verbal communication. This is where her personality animations came in.

Built with Watson
Built with Watson
Built with Watson

Gwyn helps put 1-800-Flowers on the forefront of an emerging technology.

Although Gwyn is currently only in her second beta, we can already see how she's changing the way the company is connecting with its customers. IBM Watson has brought us the powerful tool of conversational commerce, giving us a way to better make sense of user-generated data.