How do you improve an award-winning site?

Webby Winner

Nixon makes amazing watches and accessories with every single detail accounted for. They sweat the small stuff.

We were excited for the opportunity to take Nixon to the next level, building off the amazing foundation Basic Agency already set. We expanded on the set design language by further driving engagement through new methods of storytelling and product exploration.




Desktop, Tablet, Mobile


2016 Webby Winner: Shopping

2016 Webby Nominee: Best Practices

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Don’t reinvent the wheel. Keep what works but explore what could be better.

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Key Point

Make it less confusing for users to find the right product.

Nixon already had an excellent digital style. However, these great styles weren't translating into engagement and sales. We found that users were having a difficult time finding and remembering products. Thus, we focused on methods to improve taxonomy and promote meaningful discovery.

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Concept Homepage Nixon Home in Browser
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Webby Award Winner for Shopping and nominated for Best Practices

The redesign resulted in another Webby win. Additionally, we saw performance improvements, such as an increase in traffic & conversion rate and a 54% YOY revenue increase for Cyber Monday.